Our Team

Roger Whittaker

Phone: (214) 217-7747
Email: rwhittaker@allcapcorp.com

Key Achievements:

  • 21 years of proven M&A experience
  • Seasoned professional with experience ranging from engineering and finance to the boardroom in corporate settings of varying size
  • Expert in finance, mergers and acquisitions across multiple industries including oil and gas, manufacturing and industrial, and information technology

Roger brings an engineering perspective, tempered with business reality, to the projects he manages. His broad practical knowledge and intuitive insight allow him to find unique solutions to complex situations.

Roger offers more than 40 years of successful business and technical experience in the oil, gas and computer industries. He has served in hands-on technical and management positions related to petroleum engineering, economic evaluation, project management, software development and business process analysis.

Roger was with the Atlantic Richfield Company for 17 years in both domestic and international divisions. He started in engineering and progressed to major project planning and management, including four years with large sealift operations delivering major oil production facilities to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. He developed several business solutions including cost allocation for multiple partners, marine contracts and overall planning tools. In addition, he devised systems for information management to expedite planning activities that integrated efforts of multiple business units.

After that, Roger worked with a software company in both production and executive management positions overseeing product development, legal and administration, daily operations and patent applications. Roger managed the company’s investment program and made presentations to investment banks and venture capital firms. He prepared three private placement memoranda and raised several million dollars to fund the development of a new software product.

Roger earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Dallas.