Get Financing

In our 20+ years in business, Allegiance Capital has assisted countless companies raise capital and find growth-financing solutions.

For purchasing equipment, add more employees to their workforce, expand geographically, recapitalize their balance sheet, make company acquisitions of their own and more.


Financings and Raising Capital

Allegiance can locate the capital you need to achieve your objectives by leveraging our wide network of private-equity fund sources, commercial banks and non-bank lenders.

  • Private-equity investors provide funds in exchange for a portion of a company’s equity, as well as a voice on how that capital will be spent and the company’s future development. Private-equity investors have more capital to invest now than at any time in history, and they’re looking for solid operations they can help take to the next level.
  • Commercial banks also play a significant role in providing financing to the clients we serve. Our bankers maintain a wide network of lenders, both regionally and nationally, and work regularly with us to create and structure loans that are a better suited for our clients’ needs.
  • Non-bank debt lenders are those with committed pools of debt capital who are seeking opportunities beyond, or in addition to, what commercial banks can or will provide. Typically more flexible than commercial banks, these lenders aggregate pools of capital from multiple sources within a single loan on a prioritized basis, based on risk, without requiring a substantial decrease of existing stockholders’ ownership percentage of the company.