CCCG, LLC & Subsidiaries: Majority Stake Acquired by The Sterling Group

CCCG, LLC designs, engineers, and manufactures heat transfer, environmental compliance, and sound suppression equipment. The company, through subsidiaries, provides steam and heat recovery generators, cycle catalyst systems, fired heaters, and waste heat recovery units. CCCG serves the power generation, refining, chemical, exploration and production, and mining industries.

Express Integrated Technologies, LLC designs and manufactures heat transfer and combustion engineering equipment for the power and process markets. Express offers combustion turbine heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) for combined cycle, re-powering projects, co-generation, enhanced oil recovery, and local heating; catalyst systems for simple cycle/peaking, HRSG integrated, and retrofit systems; and waste heat recovery units for refinery processes, chemical processes, pipeline compression stations, and incineration. Express offers its services globally.

The Sterling Group: operationally-focused middle market private equity firm based in Houston, Texas. Founded in 1982, the Sterling Group focuses on industrial companies. Sterling partners with management teams to grow and build winning businesses in the industrial sector. Nearly 80% of Sterling’s past partnerships have been with family businesses and corporate carve-outs. Sterling excels as a partner where it can bring its operational focus and expertise to a situation. Sterling is focused on making majority investments in manufacturing, distribution and industrial service businesses and is interested in exploring partnerships of all sizes.