Finding Funds to Fuel Future Success!

Analysis of financial needs – We assess whether you need debt or equity financing, or a combination of both. Even though the need for capital may be real, the analysis we perform will determine if it is feasible to raise the capital required in the existing marketplace and at what terms.

Research – We perform market research to identify the best potential investors who can meet your financial needs. Part of that research includes an analysis as to which ones already understand the business, can relate to it and have a history of investing or lending in your industry. From this research we will identify and, ideally, present the financial opportunity to the largest number of qualified investors or lenders on a targeted, yet confidential basis, in order to position us to negotiate the most favorable terms for our client.

Presentation – Based upon research we conduct, we develop a professional, written presentation about your company, and its financial requirements. These presentations are customized for each potential investor or lender we approach on your behalf and describe the opportunity in clear and concise terms. We know what the lenders are expecting to see and provide this information (and supporting documentation) that allows them to satisfy their due diligence obligations.

Deal Structure and Negotiation – The ultimate goal is to secure the funding you need at the most attractive terms. What potential investors giveth in term sheets, they taketh away in the fine print of definitive agreements. Our bankers will dive into these offers, analyze and guide you through the decision process to select the best deal structure that meets your individual goals and/or recommend amendments to meet your financing objectives as well as your business goals. Thereafter, Allegiance Capital bankers will negotiate on your behalf on all letters of intent and commitment letters. The banker acts as the borrower’s intermediary and can insulate the borrower during the negotiation process.

Closing the Transaction – The goal is a speedy, successful closing that delivers the capital needed as quickly as possible. Generally, time mitigates against you when closing a deal. Allegiance Capital will be there every step of the way to ensure your deal is kept on track to closure and funded quickly thereafter. Speed counts! Procrastination is the deal killer. The banker will therefore ensure that you remain engaged and focused on the objective all the way through closing.

Allegiance Capital can help you achieve your capital raising objectives!  You have a goal for your business. But you will need the fuel to power you and your company towards it. If you have a solid business plan that requires extra funding to execute and you need assistance with the capital raise, we can get you financing options at attractive terms. We stand ready to give you a quick assessment as to whether the opportunity is feasible. If it is, we can help you get what you need.

With over 20 years in the M&A advisory business, Allegiance Capital has a demonstrated track record of helping companies of all types secure the financial fuel needed to re-start, take off, and/or reach the next level of success. We have the experience to get the capital you need, along with the terms and conditions that meet the financial goals for you and your business. It’s a long road to haul. Don’t let your company run out gas.

Call us today; let us fuel your ambitions!