M&A News + Insights from Allegiance Capital (Q3 2018)

In the ten years since the 2008 Financial Crisis, the U.S. economy has slowly been building steam. Several sectors of the economy are equaling or surpassing pre-Financial Crisis levels of growth. This includes the mergers and acquisitions sector. The number and value of deals over the past few years has started to surpass pre-2008 levels.

The experts are looking for the trend to continue in 2018. A slight hiccup in 2017 was attributed to the uncertainty over what changes the Trump administration would make to regulations and how tax reform would materialize. Now that tax reform has passed, the M&A market is set for a robust second half of the year.

In this newsletter, we’ll look at several trends contributing to the increased market activity this year and how it may affect your decisions about implementing M&A strategies (i.e. selling your business or acquiring a business) to achieve your operational and/or monetary goals. Read more…

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M&A News from Allegiance Capital