Selling A Business

Most entrepreneurs get only one opportunity to sell their company; they owe it to themselves to maximize their return.

Our network of buyers and investors is meticulously researched, global and ever-growing. As a result, Allegiance Capital can create for you a competitive transaction environment that drives premium valuations with a certainty of closing.

Selling A Business

One core focus of Allegiance Capital is helping business owners monetize their life’s work through a confidentially conducted and methodically executed sale-transaction process that minimizes operational disruptions and protects management resources. We market to a highly researched universe of buyers and investors. In doing so, we create a competitive environment, that drives premium valuations with a certainty of closing.

When considering a merger or acquisition, all business owners have their own motivations. They may be ready to retire or want to take some chips off the table to diversify their wealth. They may want to buyout a partner. They may be experiencing business, family or other personal issues that require the sale of the business. Others may want to clean up debt through recapitalization in order to fuel a new wave of growth. Likewise, buyers—both strategic and financial—have their own motivations for consummating a transaction.

Whatever the stimulus, Allegiance Capital has the skilled professionals and resources to navigate, execute and close transactions that generate the desired results.

  • We have long-term trusted and proven relationships with strategic and financial buyers, international investors and lenders that allow us to develop unique opportunities not available to the competition.
  • We have a proven history of assisting companies across the industry spectrum, from oil & gas, and technology, to healthcare, retail and more, both domestically and internationally.
  • We utilize an enterprise data-management system comprised of seamlessly integrated proprietary and third-party databases to research and identify the best-suited buyers.

While our primary focus is on US-based acquirers, in certain instances we have been able to find our clients better deals with foreign enterprises that maintain a global presence.