Frequently Asked Questions

We have existing relationships with potential acquirers, both strategic and financial, across a wide spectrum of industries and geographic locations. That said, a sale process run by our M&A advisors will always entail exhaustive market research to locate additional potential acquirers who could also make compelling offers to acquire your business. Rarely is the first and/or sole offer the best opportunity for our clients. The key to maximizing value is to create an auction whereby potential acquirers compete to purchase your company. We focus on creating an auction which, typically, generates the highest valuations. Additionally, our marketing efforts are not limited to the United States or North America. Allegiance is a member of Globalscope, a cooperative of international investment banks that have relationships with acquirers worldwide. With permission from our client, we share the marketing materials for their company with our Globalscope partners to determine if there’s international interest in acquiring the business. Allegiance has a proven track record of locating acquirers who are sometimes off the beaten path, but who may be a better match for your company.

A list of recently completed transaction can be found here. We’re happy to provide specific examples of successfully closed transactions in any particular industry. Please call us directly so we can provide transactions relevant to your particular company.

The firm utilizes licensed registered representatives as needed. The licensed bankers are members of the firm’s broker/dealer affiliate, ACC Securities LLC, an SEC-registered and FINRA-member firm. These services are provided at no additional cost to our clients. They ensure that licensed professionals are working on your transaction, and that the lack of such licenses cannot be exploited by a buyer who seeks to unwind the deal

Allegiance is industry agnostic. The firm’s wide range of expertise is evidenced by our deal tombstones, which touch upon almost every industry sector. While several of our advisors have specific areas of expertise, what we specialize in is, optimally, positioning our clients for sale, doing a deep dive to locate all prospective acquirers and obtain a premium price/valuation, as well as transaction options.