Our Team

Thomas Ghee

Phone: 214 217-7731
Email: tghee@allcapcorp.com

Thomas Ghee comes to Allegiance with a diverse yet business-balanced background.

Ever the salesman, his experience as a Federal Agent taught him to ask questions. As a private businessman in the paintball and Stucco industries, he learned the importance of constantly improving and refining each and every aspect of his businesses and the importance of developing respectful, long-term relationships and investing in the success of others.

Thomas has garnered recognition in a variety of sectors and has risen to prominence within various industries. He takes great pride in his accomplishments and has maintained contacts in every endeavor, and it has served him well. He is a trusted advisor to many of his clients and has brought creative solutions to some of their more confounding problems.

In everything he has done, Thomas has rapidly risen to a leadership position. From being a Senior Senator in college to becoming the supervisor of a criminal investigative squad in less than two and half years on the job. He has represented some of the biggest names in competitive paintball suppliers and was the first individual recognized by the New York Department of State, Division of Corporations as a stucco expert.

His proudest achievement is being a father to two wonderful daughters.