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Eric S. Kern

Phone: (214) 217-7757
Email: ekern@allcapcorp.com

Published Articles by Eric S. Kern

Selling a Family Owned Business: A Construction Company Case Study

Allegiance Capital specializes in representing family owned businesses in the sales process. Here’s an example of how, despite a number of challenges and obstacles, the Allegiance Capital team led the successful sale of a family owned business, a construction company in Arizona. The majority...

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Key Achievements:

  • Track record for achieving premium prices on sales of companies with extensive experience and demonstrated results.
  • Over a 20-year business career has advised on over $850 million in transactions involving privately-held and closely-held companies.
  • Formally recognized for setting and adhering to high standards and getting results through perseverance guided by a relentless work ethic, integrity and personal accountability

Eric has approximately 20 years experience in investment banking, commercial banking and consulting. During that time he has facilitated, advised, or closed on over $850 million in transactions involving privately-held and closely-held businesses. His business perspective has been shaped by experience with literally hundreds of business owners and managers representing companies ranging from start-ups and small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. This experience spans across industries that include manufacturing, distribution, services, and technology. His understanding guides him in delivering transactions through both domestic and international sources that drive the top value for his clients. This includes the sale of businesses at premium valuations and other M&A and financing transactions aimed at building or harvesting value for the business owner.

In addition to his extensive transaction experience, Eric has a proven track record for results through work ethic and dedication. He has been recognized among the top 5% of his peer group at two Fortune 500 companies. He holds an Master of Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis where he was distinguished by the faculty for demonstrating intelligence, moral character, integrity, and loyalty; he holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Southern Illinois University where he was the faculty’s selection as the outstanding finance student and played baseball on the university’s varsity baseball team. He has been designated as an Accredited Valuation Analyst by the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts and has served as an adjunct professor of Business Strategy and Economics to undergraduate and graduate business students.

Eric is an avid sports person that enjoys shotgun sports, snow skiing, golf and road racing. The second of five children, his business experience began early through active participation in the management and operation of a family-owned farm from his youth through his college years.