Allegiance Capital Corporation – Top Investment Banking Firm

Ranks third on The List, Dallas Business Journal

The Dallas Business Journal has announced Allegiance Capital Corporation as the third largest investment banking firm in the North Texas region according to The List published December 16th, 2011. Allegiance Capital Corporation was also ranked as the second largest bank in total transactions in 2010.
The business-to-business newspaper’s annual effort to recognize outstanding firms in the area has put Allegiance Capital Corporation in great company with other local firms including Houllihan Lokey Howard & Zukin, and Stephens Inc. The List is based on the number of local investment bankers in the firm.
“Allegiance Capital Corporation is honored to be recognized as the third largest investment banking firm in North Texas by the Dallas Business Journal for the growth it has achieved during these very tough economic times, “ said David Mahmood, Founder and Chairman of Allegiance Capital Corporation. “While Wall Street was letting people go, it provided Allegiance Capital an opportunity to hire some exceptional talent. The net result is that Allegiance Capital is ending 2011 with the largest backlog of business in its history along with the largest sized clients it has ever had.”
Allegiance Capital Corporation is expected to have a total transactional value for 2012 to exceed $1 billion and is forecasting growth revenue in excess of $30 million. 2012 looks to be a “game changing” year for the firm based off of Allegiance Capital Corporation’s backlog of business and recently signed clients.

About Allegiance Capital Corporation

Allegiance Capital Corporation is an investment bank specializing in financing and selling businesses in the middle market. Allegiance Capital Corporation was recently named third on the list of 2011 Largest Investment Banking Firms in North Texas (Dallas Business Journal). Allegiance Capital has won multiple awards recognizing the value it delivers to clients. Examples include: 2009 Dealmaker of the Year (Dallas Business Journal), 2008 Boutique Investment Bank of the Year (M&A Advisor), 2006 Investment Bank of the Year (Dallas Business Journal). Subscribe to the Capital Ideas blog by visiting: . Follow Allegiance Capital on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter: @ALLCAP