Top 10 Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Questions

1. Would you like to sell your company, pay no tax on the gain and at the same time significantly reduce your estate tax?
2. Did you know that your company can purchase your stock and fully deduct the entire purchase price?
3. Are you interested in getting liquidity out of your company on a tax-favored basis so that you can diversify your wealth while retaining control of your money?
4. Did you know that as a 100% ESOP owned S-corporation you can achieve a significant competitive advantage by eliminating all income taxes on company earnings?
5. Did you know that you can help creditor proof yourself by selling all or a portion of your company to an ESOP?
6. Did you know that employees do not own the stock in their ESOP accounts and almost never get to vote it?
7. Have you ever had your company valued by a professional? Did you know that as many business owners undervalue as overvalue their companies?
8. Did you know that an ESOP can supplement a sale to an Insider(s) – including key employees and family members – and an estate planning disposition of your company?
9. Did you know that you can sell all or a portion of your company to an ESOP today and subsequently sell the company to a third party?
10. Did you know that an ESOP is the most tax efficient strategy for getting cash out of your company to pay financial obligations under a divorce decree and avoid having to sell your company or give stock to an ex-spouse?