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eBook: Selling Your Business?

You’ve built a business you’re proud of. Our eBook, Selling Your Business, guides you through the transition of your business to get the best deal...

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Infographic: Longest Running Bull Markets in the Modern Era

This week the S&P 500 reached a record milestone – the longest sustained bull market in history! See how other previous bull markets stacked up in this interesting infographic. Courtesy of: Visual...

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Allegiance Business Cycles Whitepaper

The Business Cycle: Staying Ahead of the Curve Leads to Entrepreneurial Success

Why do the largest hedge funds and financial institutions like private equity (PE) do so well? The answer is they understand market dynamics, like the business cycle, and they use this knowledge to their advantage. Accordingly, business owners need to also spend time understanding the fluctuations of an economy over time and how it impacts...

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What Does a Private Investment Bank Like Allegiance Capital Do?

Allegiance Capital works with privately-held and closely-held companies; which means that we work with business owners, entrepreneurs, partners and families who own or control a privately-held business. We support these individuals in the following manner: When You’re Ready for a New Chapter When business owners reach a point in their career when they wish to...

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The Social CEO

Infographic provided by Groove Digital Marketing find them at...

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