Nothing moves in America without trucks, trains and logistics. Changes in regulations, new fuel efficient trucks and the latest trends in logistics are just a few of the things you will find posted here. You will also find recent news about fleets that have been sold and what owners like yourself can do to prepare for a sale.

Why you may need to sell out to grow up!

There are six really good reasons why… Many times, savvy fleet owners know they could reach the next level of…

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Four reasons it may be time for an ownership change

There are numerous reasons fleets change owners. However, there are common themes we often hear when talking with fleet owners….

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When is the right time to sell your fleet?

In life, timing is everything. The same applies when you are selling a fleet. Accurately predicting the ideal time to…

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How much is your fleet worth?

We work with middle-market business owners every day and almost every owner we talk to asks this question, “How much…

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John R. Sloan

Why sell a successful fleet right now?

Today, the market for selling successful fleets is hot! There are four primary reasons truck fleets are selling for the…

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There Are at Least Two Sides to Selling a Truck Fleet

And oftentimes, three. February 2014, – WebXclusive by By Max Safavi, Allegiance Capital Corporation   Fleets of trucks are bought…

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