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Brent Earles – Finalist for Dealmaker of the Year

Sometimes a career in mergers and acquisitions just comes to a person. Sometimes, the person comes to an M&A career….

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Allegiance Capital Gears Up For Strongest M&A Year

David Mahmood has grown Allegiance Capital into one of the most active and dominant middle-market investment banks in the world. …

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Technology in the Year 2020

Sometimes the market drives technology, sometimes innovation drives the market, it is hard to know which way it will go…

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M&A Strategy: Time is right for sale of Telecom mid-market companies

Selling a telecom or technology company for a premium price requires a buyer with plenty of money. Right now, despite…

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4 Steps to Improve Network Security

Don’t take risks with your company data. The data you collect can be just as valuable as the physical assets…

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Allegiance Capital Facilitates The Sale Of Future Telecom To Tower Arch Capital

Allegiance Capital facilitates the Sale of Future Telecom to Tower Arch Capital

Don Riggs, owner of Future Telecom, Fred McCallister – SVP Allegiance Capital, and David Parkin – Partner Tower Arch Capital,…

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