JohnMarch 21, 2016, DALLAS
– Allegiance Capital Corporation announced today that John R. Sloan has been appointed as President & Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Sloan previously held the position of Vice Chairman and he assumes the role from David J. Mahmood who served as Allegiance Capital Corporation’s Founder, Chairman & CEO for 18 years.

“John Sloan is a proven leader who has contributed to building Allegiance Capital into a world-class organization. John has the M&A expertise, managerial skill and business vision to carry the company forward into a new era of growth,” said Founder & Chairman, David J. Mahmood. “As President & CEO, John will be focused on continuing to develop a collaborative, trusted environment with a strong management team. Under John’s leadership, the groundwork will be laid for another 18 years of delivering exceptional results for our clients.”

Since joining Allegiance Capital in 2007, Sloan spearheaded the initiative to grow the energy vertical and over the course of his career has been consistently recognized as a leading dealmaker in this sector. In addition, Sloan has played an instrumental role in further integrating the company’s business development and investment banker groups.

“It is a privilege to be the next President & CEO of a company that is a leader and innovator in its industry,” said John Sloan. “We are fortunate to have a talented, motivated team and I am convinced of our ability to execute on the momentum that David Mahmood generated over the last 18 years. Our firm has a reputation for setting a high bar, and I am honored to have been tapped to maintain that legacy.”

David J. Mahmood will remain with Allegiance Capital as Chairman to provide support and guidance to investment bankers and business development associates.

“John Sloan has a track record of excellence and an unparalleled commitment to the success of Allegiance Capital,” said Mahmood. “With John at the helm, I envision a bright future for the Allegiance Capital family.”

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