Allegiance Capital wins Oscar Award from Globalscope Partners for Largest Deal Completed

ATHENS, GREECE – Dallas-based Allegiance Capital was awarded the Oscar Award for executing the largest deal in the last six months by any member of Globalscope Partners worldwide.

Globalscope Partners is a worldwide organization of investment banks that includes approximately 300 bankers from 43 banks representing 33 countries around the world.
Allegiance Capital accepted the award during the international Globalscope Conference held in Athens, Greece.
The award was presented by Michael Moritz, Globalscope President, during the gala dinner held at the Acropolis Museum in Athens. Moritz is the Managing Director of CatCap, a middle-market investment bank located in Germany.
“It is an honor to be recognized by our peers in the Globalscope organization,” said Sloan.  “The competition for this award has increased as Globalscope has grown and Allegiance Capital has excelled winning the award the last two times it was presented,” said Moritz.
Globalscope members from around the world gathered in Athens to discuss M&A trends worldwide and to identify M&A opportunities that can be shared internationally.