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If you’re searching for a top-notch investment bank for your middle-market M&A needs, look no further. Allegiance Capital Corporation specializes in securing premium prices for business owners and unique opportunities for investors in the middle market.

Allegiance Capital has achieved these exceptional results by building an unparalleled platform of support and expertise.  Here are six reasons why you should look to Allegiance Capital for your investment banking needs.

6. We really, really care about the outcome. At the core of our commitment is our deeply held belief that we can truly relate to sellers.  Along with our founder David J. Mahmood, many of our investment bankers have owned their own businesses. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well at Allegiance Capital.

In addition, our bankers don’t get paid until they close the deal, so you can trust they’ll work hard on your behalf. Some firms compensate bankers for activities unrelated to closing of the deal. This isn’t the case at Allegiance Capital.

5. Our reputation and due diligence give you leverage and peace of mind. Since 1998, Allegiance Capital has closed more than 200 transactions in the middle market. Over time, we have earned a positive and respected reputation in our industry. Our clients benefit, because investors know us well and trust that we will only represent quality companies.

Further, we take pride in crossing every “T” and dotting every “I.” Our experience, resources and dedicated bankers ensure that we arrange deals that secure premium prices, make sense for all parties and are pre-qualified for a clean, effortless closing.

4. Our size and global connections enhance deal values. While size isn’t everything, it is important to select an investment bank with the resources to get the deal done right the first time. Allegiance Capital is one of the largest firms in the middle-market M&A arena. Our size allows us to invest in the relationships and tools necessary to identify and attract the right buyers.

In addition, Allegiance Capital maintains an enduring relationship with GlobalScope Partners, our worldwide network partner. This partnership ensures access to global resources that help facilitate deals and financing with international investors. This quality should be on every business owner’s must-have list if they are searching for a top notch M&A firm.

3. Our marketing team is armed to the teeth. Due to our vast resources, Allegiance Capital is well equipped to develop thoroughly researched marketing programs that highlight the seller’s unique value proposition for individual buyers.  Using our proprietary and purchased databases, we work diligently to target numerous buyers, so sellers have multiple offers to consider.

2. Relationships and experience count here. When you come to Allegiance Capital, you’ll work with an experienced, senior investment banker throughout the entire process. Our investment bankers offer decades of M&A, banking, and finance experience and take the time to get to know their clients.

In addition, the team entrusted to handle your M&A needs at Allegiance Capital is composed of industry experts who are friendly, mature, trustworthy and discreet. You can count on us for unparalleled trust and uncompromising confidentiality every step of the way.

1. You have direct access to our leadership. No one loves the M&A business more than our owners and senior management team. For example, our founder David J. Mahmood has owned multiple businesses during his career and loves talking with other CEOs and entrepreneurs, and COO John F. Bourke has built a career around serving the organizational development needs of businesses like yours. You have welcome access at Allegiance Capital.

Allow Us to Help You Monetize Your Life’s Work

If you would like to review your options for selling or growing your business, or need help kicking off an exit strategy plan, we’re here to help.  Our investment bankers are conveniently located in Dallas, Chicago and New York – and we’d be delighted to meet with you at your convenience.  To speak with an Allegiance Capital investment banker today, please call us at 214-247-6846,


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