Personal Guarantees for Business Loans

Recently I was interviewed about personal guarantees for business loans by The Electrical Distributor magazine. Most business owners are faced with the decision of whether or not to sign a personal guarantee for a business loan, so I wanted to share the article and some information about the topic here: view the article “Their Money, Your...

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Selling a Family Owned Business: A Construction Company Case Study

Allegiance Capital specializes in representing family owned businesses in the sales process. Here’s an example of how, despite a number of challenges and obstacles, the Allegiance Capital team led the successful sale of a family owned business, a construction company in Arizona. The majority owner and CEO of this family owned business was the founder’s...

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Selling a Business: Tricks of the Trade

At Allegiance, we are very good at getting premium prices for our sellers and successfully closing transactions for our buyers. Our secret is educating the seller (whether we are representing the seller or not) on how to get a better offer (price and terms). The better the offer the seller gets, the more likely the...

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Engineered metal parts manufacturers are enjoying a nice recovery and robust M&A activity If you machine it, stamp it, bend it, roll it, shear it, forge it, or cast it, chances are you’re selling more of it, and earning more profit doing so, versus last year. Such is the environment for many of the thousands...

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Multiples May Not Dictate the Right Time to Sell a Company

Most entrepreneurs reject a suggestion to sell by saying “it’s not the right time”. They assume the best time to sell is when market multiples are at their peak; but does it make sense to try and time the market? Capital markets are significantly correlated.  So if you sell at a high value, you will...

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Better Planning and Budgeting (Part I)

It’s fall! The leaves are turning colors, the weather is cool and crisp, and the days are growing shorter. Many people are starting to make plans for the upcoming holidays. For many businesses, it’s also time to start planning for next year. Does your company have its own planning and budgeting...

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