There are six really good reasons why…

Many times, savvy fleet owners know they could reach the next level of success—if they just had the financial resources. This is when it may make perfect sense to sell part of the company.

There are six really good reasons why you may need to sell out to grow up!

  1. When your company needs more cash to purchase equipment needed to win larger contracts or serve a growing market.
  2. When you need a larger team to take your services or products into another region or even nationwide.
  3. When you need to reach new markets, but lack the sales and marketing ability to expand into new markets.
  4. When your company lacks the support staff needed to reach the next level. A new owner/partner may provide: legal, finance, accounting, marketing, HR, training and other support functions that you simply do not have.
  5. When you need to diversify your product line or services to reach the next level. A new partner/owner may offer the perfect lineup that meets additional needs of your existing clients. You simply combine two successful companies into one powerhouse.
  6. When you realize you are ready for the next opportunity in your life. Many entrepreneurs are great at the startup and development of companies. However, they simply do not enjoy the day-to-day management of an established company. If you are this type, selling out is definitely the best way to grow up. It enables you to monetize your success and have solid, personal funding for your next venture.

How do you plan to take your company to the next level? Could a partial sale or a new investor do the trick?

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