Selling your Business

If you’re a business owner preparing to sell your middle-market business, you need to cover all of the bases. Developing an effective exit strategy takes patience, know-how and a number of key steps in order to secure top dollar for your company. Having an experienced mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisor on your team ensures the process runs smoothly.

At Allegiance Capital Corporation, our investment bankers developed a logical, 10-step process that helps guide business owners from initial analysis and valuing a business to closing. The  infographic above provides a visual representation of that process.

From beginning to end, the 10 steps are rooted in intense business analysis, research and industry insight. Experienced M&A consulting firms will use this intelligence to develop a compelling marketing plan to share with prospective buyers.

The goal of the marketing plan is to highlight your company’s unique value proposition. With this tool in hand, your investment banker is prepared to present your company to the right buyers at the right time. The 10 critical steps of selling your business conclude with a silent auction, then the due diligence, negotiations and paperwork that lead to an acceptable deal.

If you have questions about selling a business, we’re here to help. Feel free to contact us at (214) 217-7750 to schedule a confidential consultation. You can also learn how we have helped other business owners on the Success page of our website.

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