This Key Element Is Vital for Success When Selling a Business

During my 30 years of both selling businesses I owned as a venture capitalist and representing business owners selling companies,…

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Selling Your Company: 10 Reasons Why It’s Not DIY

With so much at risk, making the sale of your company a do-it-yourself project could be a huge mistake. Selling…

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Exit Strategy

5 Essential Components of a Successful Exit Strategy

An exit strategy is a road map that entrepreneurs ultimately follow to ensure that their company’s financial future is secure…

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Question marks

3 Qualities to Insist Upon When You Hire an Investment Banking Firm

Business owners face a multitude of complexities during the process of selling a company. For this reason, many owners enlist…

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Selling a Business? 3 Critical Objections You Must Overcome to Secure Optimum Valuation and Terms

When it comes to selling a company, business owners come in all shapes, sizes and mindsets. Nonetheless, investment bankers typically…

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How Social Media Can Increase the Value of Your Company

If you own a business of any size, a well-executed social media marketing strategy can help your business operate and…

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What Is Due Diligence and Why Is It Important When Selling a Business?

Most middle-market business owners will sell one company in their lifetimes, so it’s understandable if they find the process of…

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M&A Advisor Award Nominees Share Key M&A Trends in Energy, Telecom, Healthcare, Retail and Manufacturing

Since 1998, M&A Advisor has been connecting M&A, turnaround and finance professionals through thought leadership, facilitating connections and honoring the…

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Join Us For A Free Webinar: How Much is Your Company Truly Worth?

5 Reasons Why O&G Companies Should Consider Selling Now Presented by Joe Chavez from Allegiance Capital Corporation and guest presenter…

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Hand holding a rising arrow, representing business growth

Why You Need an M&A Marketing Guru to Help Sell Your Business

Selling a company is just like selling any other product. The more buzz you create, and the more qualified buyers…

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