6 Essential Talents That Middle-Market CEOs Share with Top NASCAR Drivers

According to Statistic Brain, the behemoth, which is known as NASCAR (National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing), is a…

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Market Conditions Are Brewing Up a Favorable Environment for Retail M&A

Investor interest in the middle-market retail sector appears to be heating up. And as a number of key market conditions…

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3 Simple Questions to Ask Before You Sell Your Business

As the economy continues to recover, more middle-market business owners are thinking of selling their companies. Many have spent twenty,…

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Exit Strategy

5 Critical Factors That Affect Business Exit Strategy Timelines

A finely honed business plan should include a detailed exit strategy. This often overlooked element should clearly outline the owners’…

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Revolutionary Hydro Dam Patent Available for Acquisition

Allegiance Capital Corporation was recently engaged by a highly successful inventor and holder of multiple patents to seek an acquirer…

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health care industry

The Rise of Healthcare Consumerism and Why It Drives M&A

Today, we’re living in a different world. Consumers now have access to and demand more healthcare options. For middle-market healthcare…

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your Money

When Taking Money Out of Your Middle-Market Business Makes Sense

In today’s market, CEOs of middle-market companies who need liquidity have plenty of options. It all depends on their short-…

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businessman standing on a peak

Scale Your Business to New Heights with Private Equity

Watching your business grow is a beautiful thing. In the early stages, growth often occurs organically and at a manageable…

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Successful businessman in a finishing line

Top 6 Reasons Why Allegiance Capital Should Be Your Investment Bank

If you’re searching for a top-notch investment bank for your middle-market M&A needs, look no further. Allegiance Capital Corporation specializes…

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Allegiance Capital: Now Offering Premiere Marriage Counseling Services!

Think fast! What was the launch date of your business? Now, quick – when is your wedding anniversary? If you…

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