Patrick Pollard

About Patrick Pollard

Pat’s nearly three decades of diverse corporate finance experience include having invested in nearly twenty private companies with significant experience as a member of numerous corporate Boards of Directors, including Chairmanship responsibilities. This, combined with deep-rooted family business experience, gives him a unique perspective into the matters that concern private sellers while his private equity experience provides insight into the buyer perspective. He currently sits on the Boards of Directors of a private wireless software company and a co-location and data center business.

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For a Business Owner, a Partial Sale Can Offer a Full Solution

We’ve all heard the old English proverb, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” In the context of…

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This Key Element Is Vital for Success When Selling a Business

During my 30 years of both selling businesses I owned as a venture capitalist and representing business owners selling companies,…

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Thinking of Selling Your Company? Hire an Investment Banker Who Has Walked in Your Shoes

As the founder or heir of a successful, family-owned business, there will come a point where you need or desire…

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Allegiance Capital Corporation facilitates investment in Risk Management Strategies, Inc.

Risk Management Strategies, Inc. Receives Investment from Alpine Investors Allegiance Capital Corporation, a Dallas-based private M&A investment bank that specializes…

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Retail M&A Market Heats Up!

Improved market conditions are driving retail M&A deals. Investor interest in the middle-market retail sector appears to be heating up….

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First Business News Interview with Pat Pollard

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Market Conditions Are Brewing Up a Favorable Environment for Retail M&A

Investor interest in the middle-market retail sector appears to be heating up. And as a number of key market conditions…

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How to Get outside Investors and Keep Control of Your Company

Consider selling a minority stake in your company as a way of having your cake and eating it too. Today,…

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What Gladwell’s 10,000 Hour Rule Means for Selling Your Business

You’ve spent countless hours mastering your industry, but you’ve never before sold a business. Think about it–and don’t go it…

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Food Companies

Opportunities Abound for Middle-Market Food Companies Looking to Expand or Sell

It’s an exciting and dynamic time for middle-market food and beverage industry entrepreneurs. Gone is the day when Americans purchased…

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