The M&A landscape appears to be in a state of transition. There are areas of exposure, either real or perceived, in our current economy that have many businesses moderating spending and growth initiatives. These areas or ingredients for a recession include a waning 10-year expansion, market volatility, global trade and global economic uncertainties, rising corporate debt, monetary policy, a tightening labor market making it more difficult to maintain day-to-day operations and execute growth initiatives, and a flattening of the yield curve which is typically an indication that investors and traders are worried about the macroeconomic outlook.

In our State of the Market update, we will discuss why now is a good time for business owners who are considering a liquidity event (e.g. selling all or a portion of their companies) to actually start that process. The era of economic surge, high valuations and the availability of debt are forecasted to slow down in the next few years, so the window of opportunity may be starting to narrow.

Topics of discussion include:

  • Middle-Market M&A Summary 2018
  • The Fundamentals for Economic Well-being Remain Constant
  • The Economic Vulnerabilities & Looming Concerns
  • Global Uncertainties – China and ‘Brexit’
  • Monetary Policy – A Soft Landing?
  • Corporate Debt May Amplify a Slowdown
  • The Acceleration of IPOs – A Leading Indicator for Business Owners?