As you prepare for the time when you’ll sell all or part of your business, it’s only natural to do a little dreaming.

You may dream of taking some cash out of your business so that you can do some of the things you’ve always wanted to do, like travel the world or buy that perfect vacation home on a beach, a lake, a golf course or in the mountains. Or you might want to sell your business altogether and pursue your dreams full-time.

Either way, you’ll undoubtedly have visions of the perfect buyer. Someone who is smart and loaded with cash. Someone who has achieved success in his or her life and who shares your outlook on what it takes to run a successful business. Someone who would be a great mentor to your children, if they desire to stay involved in your company. Someone who will respect the legacy of your company. And above all, someone who will want to benefit from your wisdom to make all of this happen.

Over the years, I’ve shared many of those same thoughts. As you may know, before becoming an investment banker, I sold a few of my own businesses. And when I founded Allegiance Capital Corporation 20 years ago, I did so by assembling the type of people and resources I wish I’d had when I was in your shoes.

I founded Allegiance Capital Corporation to be as close to the perfect partner for small to mid-sized privately held businesses as we could possibly be so that we could make your business dreams come true.

We know from experience that business owners want two things when they sell – the best price and absolute confidentiality. We pride ourselves on delivering both. Ultimately, you will decide what’s the best offer for your business, just as you’ll decide who needs to know and when.

I really believe the right buyers are out there. But it takes the acumen and contacts of deeply experienced investment bankers to locate the buyers who check all the boxes on your list. And it takes some huge and expensive databases to help them in this critical task.

We’ve also found that when we look beyond the borders of the U.S., we can significantly increase our chances of success. The databases we subscribe to enable us to search worldwide as does our membership in GlobalScope, a network of some 600 M&A Advisors in nearly 60 globally dispersed investment banking firms.

We always aim to attract a number of bidders so that you’ll have your pick of potential acquirers. In today’s M&A marketplace in which sellers have the upper hand, that usually means you will have your pick not only of offers but of acquirers who are a great match for the culture of your firm.

We don’t ever want you to be in a situation where there is one potential acquirer and one offer, and your options are simply to take it or leave it. The chances of finding the perfect buyer in that scenario are virtually zero.

Selling all or part of a company is a complex and time-consuming process. We’ll be more than happy to educate you on how that process works and why your odds of finding the perfect buyer will increase substantially with the right investment bank as your partner.

At Allegiance Capital, we want you to know what you’re getting into when you sell all or part of your business. We view educating prospective clients as one of the most important things we do.

We like to begin our process by offering a free book called Street-Smart Moves for Selling Your Business by Joe Aberger.  It’s brief, well-written, and addresses 29 topics that are critical to selling a business like yours. Be sure to Sign Up Now.

And, in the meantime, if you have questions, feel free to call me at 214.217.7732.