Making the List – Allegiance Capital ranks 4th overall in Dallas Business Journals’ list of the Largest North Texas Investment Banking Firms.

Looks like its time to celebrate because Allegiance Capital made the list. The Dallas Business Journal released a list of the ‘Largest North Texas Investment Banks’ in their most recent issue. Allegiance Capital came in 4th overall with 17 banking professionals.

Locally researched by Erin Sood, the list also included each organizations’ the total number of employees, top local executives, and total number of M&A transactions in 2014. Our very own Vice Chairman John Sloan, President John Bourke, and CEO and Founder David Mahmood were listed as Allegiance Capital’s top local executives. Allegiance Capital is also no.3 in the number of M&A transactions with a total of 11 last year.

To be included on a list with the best firms in North Texas is an honor and an encouraging reminder that hard work not only pays off but also translates into excellence. A new year with even higher expectations, making this list serves as motivation for Allegiance Capital to make even greater strides in 2015.