In the world of investment banking, where accuracy, time and confidentiality are sacred and banker competency, insight and experience, are critical, the use of leading-edge technology often differentiates the very best from the very good. Leading investment banks harness technology to become more agile and responsive to their client’s needs.  It can help them surface, process and present vital information, and provide access to the global network of talent and resources required to secure a premium price in the market.

One area where prominent investment banks use sophisticated software is in advanced CRM (Client Relationship Management) software, online networks, and M&A cloud platforms. Allegiance Capital’s success in part can be attributed to the firm’s ability to not only embrace but also integrate technology into centralized functions.  In 2014, Allegiance implemented Navatar, a CRM overlay software built specifically for investment banks. Navatar works in conjuction with Salesforce, the firm’s CRM software.

Navatar helped Allegiance identify and close deals faster, while doubling the number of financial and strategic buyers catalogued in their CRM system. The platform allowed Allegiance to expand its intelligence on buyers and include their deal-related activity.

The firm’s system also contains an extensive nationwide database of potential and existing clients.  Allegiance Capital uses Navatar to track contacts with potential clients and to manage client activity from the initial contact through deal close.

This provides the firm real-time tracking capability throughout the transaction process.  Finally, Navatar provides Allegiance bankers and staff mobile access to client and deal information using laptops or smartphones.

“Great technology allows us to more quickly identify potential clients, provide better customer service,  improve deal flow and  have superior market intelligence, which are the keys to getting our clients in front of the right buyers at the right time and getting more deals closed,” said Shane Mahmood, Senior Vice President of Operations at Allegiance Capital. “Navatar helps us close deals 20 percent faster, giving us a huge competitive advantage over other investment banks.”

David Mahmood, the 77 year-old Founder and Chairman of Allegiance Capital, embraces new technology.  “Time always works against you in getting a transaction completed,” he emphasizes.  “Anything technology can do to expedite the process will ultimately pay off for us and our clients.”

In today’s business environment, the ability to identify the best potential buyer, and expedite and track the sales process can be the difference in getting a deal closed at a premium price or not getting it closed at all.  Advanced CRM software, online networks and specialized platforms help to streamline an interactive sales process at Allegiance Capital that delivers premium prices for middle-market business owners.