DALLAS, TX – – Allegiance Capital Corporation, a Dallas-based private M&A investment bank, has been selected as one of the top-referred M&A middle market investment banks in the United States. Allegiance Capital was one of 120 firms to be honored.

Two other Texas firms, MHT Partners of Dallas and Simmons & Company of Houston, were also honored.

The top 120 list was compiled by Axial, an online professional network connecting private company CEOs/CFOs to boutique investment bankers and capital partners. Axial surveyed 1,000 private equity firms, strategic acquirers, and family offices (firms that manage the wealth of high-net-worth families) to name the middle market M&A advisory firms they trust and respect the most.

“We are honored to be included on this list of some of the best U.S firms in our industry,” said David Mahmood, founder and chairman of Allegiance Capital Corporation.

Mahmood said Allegiance Capital Corporation has built a reputation for “generating premium results for our clients. Our clients recognize that Allegiance Capital goes to great lengths to educate them in the process of doing a transaction. Our thorough process consistently generates superior results and premium prices.”

About Allegiance Capital Corporation

Allegiance Capital Corporation is a premier, private investment bank headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Allegiance Capital assists companies built by entrepreneurs in every aspect of selling and financing a business, including: debt restructuring, mezzanine financing, leveraged buyouts, strategic partnering, consulting and other related services. Allegiance has extensive global reach and capabilities as a member of international partner organization, Globalscope. For additional information, please visit www.allcapcorp.com.

For a copy of the full report, visit http://library.axial.net/advisor-100.